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#1 Chain Link Fence Company Near Kissimmee, FL

Secure Your Backyard With Our Kissimmee Chain Link Fence Company

A chain link fence is a classic way to protect your property line and to keep pets and children secure in your yard. Get the perfect fence installed by our expert chain link fence contractors at Amazing Fence, LLC in Kissimmee & Orlando, FL.

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    4 ft, 5ft, 6ft, and custom height options
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    Only the highest quality materials used
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    Residential & commercial styles available
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    Professionally installed by #1 state-certified contractors

As part of our dedication to your project, our team also guarantees HOA compliancy. We go out of our way to file all of the necessary HOA paperwork for you!

Chain link fence company in Kissimmee, FL

All About Our Chain Link Fence Installations Near Orlando

At Amazing Fence, we work with the finest materials and construct all of our chain link fences to industry standard. Choose the perfect chain link fence and get it professionally installed today!

Classic chain link fence in Kissimmee FL

Classic Chain Link

Get the property protection you're dreaming of with a classic, galvanized chain link fence. Our classic chain link fence is crafted from 11 gauge chain link fabric, comes in various height options, and is optimal for residential use. 

Green vinyl chain link fence company in Orlando FL

Green Vinyl Chain Link

Perfect for commercial use, the green vinyl chain link fence is your go-to for parks and recreational locations, including our many baseball fields in the Orlando area! The chain link fence is hot-dipped in green vinyl for long-lasting color.

Black vinyl chain link fence contractors Kissimmee

Black Vinyl Chain Link

Black vinyl chain link is well-suited for both residential and commercial use, especially for security purposes for commercial properties. This modern option is also a great option for playgrounds! The chain link is hot-dipped in black vinyl to achieve a rich dark appearance.

Windscreen chain link fence Kissimmee FL


Improve the privacy of your chain link fence by adding a windscreen. Our professional chain link fence installers will make sure your windscreen is securely fastened to ensure it does not break lose on a windy day. 

Twisted top chain link fence installers near Orlando FL

Twisted Top

Achieve maximum security with a durable twisted top style chain link fence. Most commonly applied to commercial properties, this style ensures intruders do not climb over the fence for fear of getting hung up on the sharp twisted top. 

Chain Link Fencing in Kissimmee near Orlando

Double Knuckle

Our chain link fence company will apply the double knuckle chain link fence style to either the top, bottom, or both ends of your fence. The double knuckle top deters intruders from jumping over your fence, but unlike the twisted top style, it is bent in a way that does not seriously injure the person.

Family friendly new chain link fence installed in Kissimmee, FL

Get the Perfect Residential Chain Link Fence

Are you wondering how to install a chain link fence? Our fence contractors are here to tell you that you don't have to go into this project alone! Instead of DIYing your chain link fence, connect with our professional crew of expert fence installers.

At Amazing Fence, all of our spectacular Kissimmee and Orlando chain link fence contractors are state-certified and have gone through background tests to ensure their integrity. From the moment you choose to get a residential chain link fence from our company, you can trust that the job will get done right and on time!

Why Choose Our Osceola County Chain Link Fence Contractors

All of our fences are built to industry standard and are constructed to endure extreme Florida weather. We use the best materials and work hard to ensure everything is HOA-approved. Get a sophisticated new fence with the best chain link fence company near Kissimmee.

Permit & HOA Compliance

We handle permits and adhere to HOA rules, ensuring a smooth process for you.

State-Certified Contractors

Our fencer installers are state-certified after rigorous background checks and tests.

Fast & Simple Financing

Get financing on purchases between $500 and $25,000* through Wisetack.

Why We're #1 For Residential Chain Link Fencing

When it comes to the privacy and security of your outdoor space, our professional team literally lives and breathes fencing solutions. We take our job very seriously! That's why we go the extra mile to expertly craft and install HOA compliant fences for your family.

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    On-time & experienced crew
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    No cutting corners
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    In line with best industry practices
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    Always HOA compliant
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    Only high-quality materials used

And the best part? Our 5-star crew can install your new chain link fence in as little as 2 weeks. Contact us to get a FREE estimate today.

Chain link fence installer in Orlando, FL

Hear From Our Happy Fence Customers

"True to the name, Nick did an AMAZING job on our custom fence construction in Winter Haven. We showed him some inspiration photos and he came back with a great solution at a great price point considering the quality of the work. This man hand-picked each lumber board to ensure straightness, and hand-stained each board.

We have received nothing but compliments on our fence so far. Thank you, Nick!"

Adam Baldwin

Amazing! The Owner lives up to its name, Amazing Fence. Nick is a one man show. His craftsmanship, attention to details and his attitude bring a new meaning to professional business. Nick installed 100 sf of wooden fence and personally designed shelves throughout. His work did not break the bank. Because Nick cares about his work, he produces exceptional quality. A fence company to hire, indeed.

Marisol Rodriguez

"Hands down, sideways, up, diagonal ..Nick provided THE BEST contractor's service for my fence and side gate replacement. He was very knowledgeable, forthright, and the most professional contractor I have personally dealt with since becoming a homeowner 10+ years ago. He showed up on time and completed the work in the specified timeframe, which considering he did all of the work by himself, was an absolute pleasure to say the least. And his level of service, professionalism, and humble eagerness to actually provide the best experience and help you become knowledgeable as far as maintenance, AND his availability to assist with future upkeep are very sparse traits nowadays. But he actually values his clients, which he makes very clear. I would definitely recommend his business to others in need of fence repair in FL.

Treen Dan

"Nick at Amazing Fence did a fantastic job on installing 96 feet of an 8 foot white PVC privacy fence along the backside of my backyard and he did great at tying it into both sides that are only 6 foot. Nick is very considerate and has a lot of pride in his work, justifiably so. He is coming back to fix the side where the original fence company did not make it even, therefore it is not as esthetically pleasing as it can be. Thank you Nick! See you soon!"

Patti Cook

3 Steps to a New Orlando Chain Link Fence

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    Step 1. Schedule a Free Estimate

    Contact our team to get a free estimate. We will survey your property and advise you on the best process for Kissimmee chain link fence installation.

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    Step 2. Choose the Perfect Chain Link Fence

    Select the color, height, and type of wood for your fence. We offer 4'-6' chain link fences as well as custom options.

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    Step 3. Get Fast Installation

    In as soon as 2 weeks, our team of Orlando chain link fence installers will construct your beautiful new fence.


Are you wondering how to install a chain link fence? First things first, you should always make sure your chain link fence is approved by your HOA. Once the approval process is complete, you can begin installation. Oftentimes, installers will dig trenches for residential chain link fences. This ensures the fence stays firmly planted in the ground. However, this process is not always necessary. Next, the chain link fabric needs to be properly fastened to the fence line posts and polls. If the chain link fence is going to be topped with a double knuckle or twisted top, eyeloops are also required. Once all of these steps are complete, the chain link fence is ready to go in the ground! We recommend hiring a state-certified and professional chain link fence contractor to help you get the job done right. 

Yes, we can put barbwire on top of your chain link fence. We usually only add barbwire to commercial projects since this style is rarely approved by HOAs. Barbwire is a great way to enhance the security of your chain link fence. Aside from barbwire, we also recommend the twisted top style.

Our classic chain link fences come in a variety of heights, including 4', 5', and 6'. Custom height options are also available.

Yes, we offer fast and simple financing options through Wisetack.

We service the entire Orlando and Kissimmee area. Depending on the size of your property and the length of the HOA paperwork process, your new chain link fence can be installed in as fast as 2 weeks.

Yes, chain link fences are great for residential areas, especially homeowners that have small dogs and children. Even cats can’t get through the 2.5" chain link diamonds! 

Yes, chain link fences are extremely easy to clean and maintain. If your fence gets dirty or grows algae, simply wash the fence with bleach and water. You can also repaint the fence if it is affected by UV damage.

Black vinyl chain link fence is a common and very popular modern fence style. Unlike basic galvanized chain link, black vinyl is smooth to the touch and does not get hot in our blistering Central Florida sun. The vinyl coating also prevents rust and looks great for years to come. This style of chain link fence is extremely popular for playgrounds, dog parks, and residential neighborhoods because the material is not sharp.

A chain link fence is usually constructed using a tension wire. This keeps the chain link fabric snug against the polls and fence posts. It is commonly adhered to the bottom of the chain link fence and keeps animals from getting through the fence.

When the fence is constructed, the tension wire is stretched and straightened - it is like a piece of chain link that is not bent. You tighten it up and hog tie it to keep anyone (or anything) from being able to pull it apart or to get under it.